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How I Manage Productivity: My Setup For Creating Online Content

If you're curious about how I make my YouTube videos, how I manage my web development workflow, or how I make the rest of my online content, this article is for you.

5 Tips to Become a Front End Developer!

Interested in becoming a front-end developer? Check out these five tips to becoming and performing as a front-end developer!

A Beginner's Guide: Glob Patterns

Globs, also known as glob patterns are patterns that can expand a wildcard pattern into a list of pathnames that match the given pattern.

Welcome to my new blog!

It only took 2 months of nonstop coding, but the website/blog is FINALLY DONE.

Never Give Up: Forging Your Own Path

Choosing a path after graduation can be really difficult. The options are seemingly limitless, but you can only choose one.

Solving The Problem: Text Justification

An in-depth explanation to solving the confusing Text Justification interview problem that is avaiable on many sites such as LeetCode and CodeFights.

Contentful and Netlify: The Dynamic Duo of Static Site Management

Thinking about a solution for a simple front-end blog? Check out this post about how Contentful and Netlify tie together to create an awesome developer experience for a static site.

Three Job Sites for Finding Your Next Developer Job

Up until a few years ago, searching for Software Engineer positions includes skimming enormous job boards like Indeed, Monster, or CyberCoders. However, several newer sites are trying to alleviate that problem.

Using React Router with Apache

Just built your create-react-app application and want to host it on your already existing web server? Learn how to configure your files in order to simply let React Router handle the routing.

A Beginner's Guide: Memoization

Learn about a functional programming technique, Memoization, which can be used in your React components to make your code more performant.

Helpful Terminal Commands for Beginners!

Check out this cheat sheet of helpful commands to supercharge your work in the Mac command line.